Restorative Paint Correction & Protective Ceramic Coating Application



Industrial Grade Ceramic Wheel & Caliper Coating



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Entry Level Interior and Exterior Detailing Service With Polish


Restorative Paint Correction & Protective Ceramic Coating Application

Starting at $2000

Our premier ceramic coating service involves two processes: paint correction, and paint protection.


During paint correction, we remove contaminants, scratches, and imperfections from the clear-coat of the vehicle, restoring it to a like-new or better-than-new condition. This is the most time consuming part of the service and requires claying, buffing, and polishing all painted exterior surfaces to ensure proper adherence of the coating. 


For paint protection, we apply the ceramic coating, which offers a hard layer of protection for exterior painted surfaces against scratching, marring, chemical etching and other paint related damages that can be caused by dirt, road debris, bird droppings, and other contaminants.


We use IGL's Kenzo ceramic coating, which is their flagship, top-tier level coating product and provides a 10H pencil hardness rating compared to a typical clear coat rating of 4H.


Industrial Grade Ceramic Wheel & Caliper Coating

Starting at $500

For our ceramic wheel coating we use IGL Eclipse ceramic coating which is certified for industrial applications. It is a wheels off service, in which we remove the wheels from the vehicle in order to properly prepare the surfaces of the rims and calipers for the application of the coating.


The wheels of a car are an area that receive the most abuse, enduring continuous contact with brake dust and road debris, and are often neglected because it is difficult and time consuming to clean and properly care for them. This combination of abuse and neglect often leave wheels in a less than desirable state for vehicle owners. 


After a coating has been applied, contaminants will adhere to the much less porous surface of the coating instead of adhering to the wheel's surface which helps to prevent the buildup of contaminants that can permanently damage and stain the wheels.


Because some wheels may become permanently damaged from contaminants, we will have to inspect the wheels to see if they are eligible for restoration. For wheels that are beyond a restorable condition we offer outsourced wheel refinishing services. After the wheels are refinished we can then apply the coating to ensure that the finish remains in pristine condition.


Concours Event Preparation

Starting at $75/hr

If you're looking to enter your car into a concours event, our concours prep service can prepare your vehicle for competition. We have had extensive experience in judging and competing in concours events and have won several awards for our entries.


Events will allow access to score sheets ahead of events which we can use to know the specific scoring areas that the judges will be targeting. Concours event organizers will typically allow us to obtain score sheets prior to the event which we can use to target the specific scoring areas that will be judged on show day.

For this service we are meticulous to the point of using toothpicks and q-tips to ensure that all areas are addressed ahead of the event. Every car and event is different so we can not predict what will be required for the preparation. Please call or book online for a consultation if you are interested in concours preparation and we will be happy to discuss what will best fit your needs.


Restorative Paint Correction & Protective Ceramic Coating Application

Starting at $2250

The best time to protect your car is while it is still in new condition, there is less time required to correct the surfaces, and less clear coat needs to be removed from the vehicle in order to restore the shine in the paint. Because we believe in preventative maintenance we offer a new car protection package which includes Kenzo ceramic coating for exterior surfaces, Eclipse ceramic Wheel coating for wheels and calipers, and a special interior ceramic coating for the two front seats and delicate plastic trim pieces on the door panels and center console.


*Available for vehicles that have less than 5,000 miles



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Entry Level Interior and Exterior Detailing Service With Polish

Starting at $350

Our paint enhancement service is an entry level detailing package that is designed to refresh the look of your car without breaking the bank. We perform a thorough interior and exterior cleaning to remove odors, stains, and filth from within the vehicle and decontaminate the exterior with a clay bar and iron remover. From there we lightly polish the exterior to restore some gloss to the paint and top it off with a light ceramic sealant to provide some protection from elements.


We are an automotive detailing shop specializing in high level detailing, concours prep, and ceramic coating services, located outside of Huntington Village, New York.