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We have found that in this industry - it is often hard to receive quality customer service, feel valued and to feel that you're able to trust your service provider. Many people and shops offer similar services but many lack in the rest of these crucial areas. What's a great shop that doesn't make you feel comfortable?


This is what we're out to fix. We do whatever we can to make everyone we come in contact with feel special and valued. Being able to build relationships, do what we love and geek out over cars is what keeps us motivated.


Long Island born and raised, Luke Parise is the owner and founder of Padny Detailing. His dedication and passion for detailing have helped influence the successful growth of this small business. Luke has been in the detailing industry since 2015, specializing in paint protection, ceramic coatings, restoration and concours events. His endless devotion to the business is what motivates him to continue investing, learning and developing.

Luke is involved in various philanthropic organizations, supporting local business and assists the boards of both Porsche Club NY and BMW CCA NY.



Kenzo is our shop mascot. He is a goofy puppy that likes meeting new people and posing in pictures of our completed work. He is a Husky Pomeranian mix (Pomsky).

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