At PADNY, detailing is more than just "washing a car." We strongly believe that detailing is about restoring a work of art to its highest level of authenticity. Our ceramic coating services preserve each and every one of the vehicles that come through our door, allowing our clients to sustain and appreciate the exceptional results on the road.

Overtime, cars begin to naturally lose that shine that was first seem the day it was delivered. There is nothing more satisfying, and motivating, for a detailing professional to restore that vibrancy and witness the  reaction of a pleased customer. 
Finding exceptional and quality service in the automotive industry can be difficult to come by, but here at PADNY, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for every single one of our clients.

Every day we choose. to live by our work and word by communicating with our customers to provide service of the highest standard.


Long Island born and raised, Luke Parise is the owner and founder of PADNY. His dedication and passion for detailing have helped influence the successful growth of this small business. Luke has been in the detailing industry for over 6 years now, specializing in ceramic coating and concours events. His endless devotion for his business is what motivates him to help others within the car community and beyond. 


We are an automotive detailing shop specializing in high level detailing, concours prep, and ceramic coating services, located outside of Huntington Village, New York.