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I just received a new car, what should I do?

While the typical thought is "my car is new, it's not dirty, why would I need to have it detailed?" - it's far from the truth!

Believe it or not, the best time to have a vehicle detailed is when it's brand new!

When a car is made at the factory, during transport, while it spends time at the dealership and after taking delivery of it - it takes a beating. While the car may look clean and new it's usually not totally the case unfortunately.

Typically we find small metal fragments and small swirls (scatches) all around the car. Depending on the make of the car we even tend to find areas that weren't assembled or painted properly. The best way to correct this kind of stuff and protect the car for your time with it ahead is to have it detailed early! We have created a package just for this kind of task.

Our "New Car Protection Package" is intended for cars coming right from the factory/dealership! The best time for protection is before anything happens to it, right?

We apply clear bra (ppf) to the full front (hood, fenders, bumper, mirrors) and sideskirts to add protection from rock chips. These typically occur from casual driving and commutes. Small rocks kick up off of the road and damage the paint on your vehicle!

After the film, we apply ceramic coating almost every surface inside and out. On the exterior we coat: the paint, glass, trims and the wheels/calipers. On the interior we coat: the front two seats, armrest, center console and armrests. This culmination of products adds unparalleled protection to your new purchase.

While the car is being worked on we can also help you personalize it/upgrade it. We offer plenty of options to choose from. A few of them being: custom calipers/accents/vinyl wrap/window tint and tint for the exterior lights. We also deal with outside companies and can source plenty of other parts such as badges, aero parts and wheels.

To top it all off... as part of our mission - we want to create a relationship with both you and the vehicle. To do so, we have created a maintenance program just for you. We will have more info on this soon but essentially we want to assist in keeping the car looking like it did day 1. Feel free to ask us about this for more information prior to the full unveiling.

Thanks for reading, be sure to stay up to date with our content!

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