Maintenance Wash 

- 2 Bucket wash
-Snow foam
-Wheels/wells/tires cleaned and treated
-Windows inside and outside
-"light" Interior
- Light sealant/wax

Paint Enhancement Detail

- 2 Bucket wash
-Snow foam 
-Clay treatment 
-Polished using an AIO 
-Durable sealant applied 

-Wheels/wells/tires cleaned and treated 
-Windows inside and outside
-"Full" Interior 

Paint Correction

We offer multiple levels of correction.

​1 Step Correction

2 Step Correction

*Pricing and more information is given after a thorough inspection of the vehicle with customer*

Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic is applied after a paint correction. This is a great way of "encasing" and protecting the fresh clear from the correction. Along with this added protection comes the ease of maintenance and the unmatched gloss level! Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Do you have dents or door dings that you've wanted to disappear but don't know how to go about it? This is the option for you. 

​*Pictures or in person inspections required for accurate price estimates*

Concours Prep (Judged Events)

Show season is always around the corner. We are very fortunate to be able to say that almost every one of our clients that we have prepped cars for before big shows has walked away with a trophy! We pride ourselves on these type of details where no stone goes unturned. We improve areas that most would never even see or think about. By meticulously refining these vehicles they are always amazing to look at and truly do stand out at shows. We often joke by saying that this is when we really break out the toothpicks and q-tips and lose ourselves and our concept of time. While that may sound intimidating, these are the jobs that allow us to really do what it is that we enjoy doing so much. 

Lease Return Prep

Is your vehicle being returned soon? Avoid being charged for small issues that can be prevented by having the vehicle worked on prior to the dealership/inspector viewing it. We can go over the vehicle with you and determine the areas that require attention and find solutions for you. Whether it be a dent or a scratch, we will do everything that we can to help make the return process go smoother and save you some money in the process. 

Clear Bra (PPF)

Paint Protection Film is one of the most advanced technologies on the market today. Clear bra is basically a clear vinyl that is applied to surfaces to add a layer of protection to them. Film is optimal for rock trip protection and scratch resistance. With how the technology works this film can be applied and won't be noticeable on the surfaces. We also install this film using the bulking method. This simply means that we use large pieces of film and then trim the edges and tuck all panels. This allows for a seamless install which is also why most aren't able to tell that the film has been applied. Most installers use pre-cut kits which leave edges and gaps from panel to panel. There is nothing wrong with this method but we like to go above and beyond with our work and the bulking is how we do that. 

We also use XPEL Ultimate Film. While there are many different types of film and manufactures in the market today we have found from personal testing that this film is our material and manufacture of choice. This film is also super unique too because it comes with a self healing effect. If this film is exposed to something that does scratch it, by applying a heat source such as the sun, boiling water or a heat gun the film is able to level and remove the scratching.